Downloading the code

A .zip version of the code is available here.

Alternatively you can download pyro2 from its webpage and add the file to the pyro2/ directory.


Here a list of programs you need to install before installing pyro2:

  • python 2.7
  • matplotlib
  • numpy
  • f2py
  • scipy

Installing the code

The only step needed to install pyro2 is building the fortran source. In order to do that just go to the pyro2/ folder and execute


Once it has finished compiling the fortran files, it is ready to use.

Executing the code

Go to the pyro2/ directory and make sure that the file exists. If that is the case just execute the following command:


Using the interface

Running a new simulation

You can run a new simulation in five easy steps:

  1. In the menu select “Run a new simulation”
  2. Choose a problem
  3. Choose the initial conditions
  4. Check if you want to save the outputs, images and/or plots
  5. Press the “Run!” button.


Loading snapshots

If you have chosen to save the outputs of a simulation, then you can load them selecting “Load snapshots” in the menu. This is specially useful when we are interested in showing the results without spending minutes running a new simulation. Here are six easy steps to display our snapshots:

  1. In the menu select “Load snapshots”
  2. Select one or more snapshots to display
  3. Depending on the solver used in the simulation, you are able select a property to display. In some cases the only property that can be displayed is density.
  4. You can move the “Time” slider to display different snapshots.
  5. When loading a shock problem the user is also allowed to generate radial plots.
  6. By pressing the “Play” button you can display the snapshots evolving in time, just like running a simulation.



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