This website is designed as a companion resource for the interactive module “A visualization tool for 2D shocks simulations”. Its main purpose is to give details about the context of the module. You are welcome to explore this site by yourself, but as a guide we recommend to attach to the following order:

  1. Basic introduction to shocks:
    It provides a general overview of the definition of a shock and its main properties. A description of the equations that describe the interface of a shock is also included. We also explore how shocks manifest in the ISM.

  2. Simulations:
    It gives an introduction to the use of simulations in astrophysics, explaining what a numerical simulations is and why we use them. A brief description of the two most common approaches to do numerical simulations in astrophysics is also given.

  3. Hydrodynamics:
    A general description of the equations governing the fluid dynamics of a system.

  4. The code:
    A detailed explanation of the code used to run the simulations in the module. It gives an overview of the problems included in the code, and a complete description of the compressible solver used to simulate shocks.

  5. Documentation:
    A complete guide to run the module on your local computer. It includes step-by-step instructions of downloading, installing and running the code.

This website was created as part of an interactive module project for the class Astronomy 201b: Interstellar Medium and Star Formation taught by Professor Alyssa Goodman. The course wordpress site is a good reference for more detailed information about the ISM.


If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve the interactive module or the website, please feel free to contact me:


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